Bank Officers:

Mark Lowery – Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Wallace II – Chief Information Officer
Keith Swearingen – Sr. Vice-President
Mary Ellen Lowe – Exec. Vice-President/Cashier
Carol McClain – Vice-President of Operations
Sheryl Lawrence – Vice-President Loan Administration
John Grigsby – Vice President
Connie Nichols – Vice-President
Ray Ann Baker – Vice-President
Mary Cummings – Vice-President
Neely Powell – Vice-President
Rhonda Davis – Vice-President
Connie Walker – Vice-President
Torri Adams – Asst. Vice-President
John Mark Lowery -Asst. Vice-President


Mark Lowery, Chairman of the Board
Gene Blount
Rodney Dean
David Graves
John Grigsby
Mary Ellen Lowe
Keith Swearingen
John Mark Lowery, Advisory Director