Debit Mastercard with Cash Rewards

Put cash rewards in your pocket with the Texas State Bank Debit Mastercard with Cash Rewards

The Texas State Bank Debit MasterCard eliminates check writing or the need to carry cash. It is accepted everywhere the MasterCard symbol is displayed and at ATM’s locally and nationally. Record the amount from your sales receipt in your register and deduct it from your balance. All Debit MasterCard purchases will be individually listed on your regular monthly statement. And the best feature is that Texas State Bank pays cash rewards. There are no points to redeem or expiration dates to worry about. Any time you use your Texas State Bank Debit MasterCard, just choose credit and sign your name. That’s all you need to do to earn some extra cash. Once a month, the money you earn will be automatically deposited into your account. (Minimum dollar amount paid is $2.50) No enrollment is necessary. Cash rewards—that’s common sense!